Helping Life Sciences
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Helping Life Sciences
Innovators Fast Forward Life-Changing Missions

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Accelerating medical affairs

Unlock the full potential of medical affairs  with MAIA, a cutting-edge platform that elevates your performance in a dynamic healthcare landscape. MAIA enhances Medical Literature reviews (MLR), Systematic Literature Review (SLR), product landscaping, and evidence-based processes, adding value for healthcare practitioners, Clinical Development leaders, and Commercial Strategy leaders.

Empowering medical writing

Streamline regulatory medical writing process with MAIA, the advanced, intuitive platform that ensures efficiency and accuracy. Our tool simplifies complex documentation, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards while saving valuable time. MAIA elevates the regulatory medical writing experience and helps writers achieve unparalleled precision in their submissions.

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Two life sciences professionals reviewing medical literature

Transforming literature intelligence

Today’s information and literature specialists must comb through volumes upon volumes of available literature to find relevant, salient evidence, delaying the authoring process. MAIA’s advanced AI/ML framework extracts powerful insights from a sea of available literature while human functional expertise provides guided oversight, balancing speed and quality in equal measure.

Bolstering pharmacovigilance

In the realm of drug safety, where literature and real-world evidence play a pivotal role, MAIA pharmacovigilance professionals you swift and dependable insights. By leveraging MAIA,  pharmacovigilance teams minimize time gaps,  mitigate organizational risk, and move towards better patient outcomes.

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Life sciences professionals: it’s time to meet MAIA

The advanced, intuitive platform that accelerates evidence synthesis & clinical document generation

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